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Family Finder

Family Finder Test Test 390 x 240
Family Finder
Find your relatives
  • Family Finder


    For men or women.

    • Autosomal DNA test.***
    • Matches are related within about the last 5 generations.*
    • Provides percentages of your ancestral make-up (Native-American, Middle Eastern (including Jewish), African, West and East European).**
    • Recommended for genealogists.
    • Includes matches with predicted relationship ranges.
    • Great for confirming close relationships regardless of gender.****

    *We are leading the way in the development of innovative genealogical uses for autosomal DNA. You will be matched with others who have also taken the Family Finder test. However, if you come from an under-represented population, it is possible you will not find matches right away. Your matches largely depend on how your DNA compares to our database. As our database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time, and we will send you e-mail notifications about any new matches.

    **Due to the nature of autosomal DNA, the test does not specify from which branch of your family tree your matches or the percentages of your geographic heritage derive.

    ***Family Finder has a test specific policy for failed samples and retesting. Please read the policy carefully.

    ****Please note, Family Finder does not provide Y-DNA or mtDNAhaplogroup information.

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Since Eastern biotech is one of Family Tree DNA partners, we’re working on several DNA and genetic projects with the laboratory.